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SAP HANA is one of the most compelling and innovative development platforms worldwide. It offers opportunities for various types of new applications which work on huge amounts of data and need very fast access to them. In this blog I focus on
  • data that originate in the Cloud or are best stored in the Cloud: therefore, HANA One (http://www.saphana.com/community/learn/cloud-info) in the Amazon Cloud, is the platform of choice
    • there are also other Cloud Service Providers running HANA One like Portugal Telecom or Korea Telecom and others, please search the Web for them
  • small smartphone apps that show the new opportunities in a very concise way and at the same time leverage all important aspects of the technology stack - I start with a tutorial on Android.
I try to use the leanest setup possible. Therefore, in the base scenario, I don't use HTML5, I just select data out of a simple table in HANA via the simplest possible SQL statement, but I do create a small HANA XS app because this is the way to connect to HANA directly via http/ https. There are some extension scenarios to show more technology to enrich your application, see at the bottom.
I did it on a Windows machine. But it should also run on other OS.

App idea

The example app I build further down is comparing some stock exchange data and their development over time. Therefore, I propose some fictive names for all the artifacts you will create.

Prerequisites and Installs

Before starting the app creation in 20 minutes we need to make sure to install the following components (this would exceed the 20 minutes...):

Create an Android App

Create an Adnroid Application:
  • Start your Eclipse version that you installed for Android development.
  • In the Package Explorer of the Java perspective right-click "New --> "Android Application Project".
  • Application Name "Android App on HANA base scenario"
  • keep all the other settings on New Adnroid Application Name screen as defaulted
  • Select any start icon you want on Configure Launcher Icon screen
  • Select a Blank Activity on the Create Activity screen
  • Use Activity name "ShowMarketPriceData" on the New Blank Activity screen
Give the application an Id:
  • In the the Package Explorer double click --> res --> layout --> activity_show_market_price_data.xml
  • Use the XML layout instead of the Graphical Layout tab (bottom) in the middle part and exchange the id-line in the <TextView ... /> part with this one:
    • android:id="@+id/MyTextResponse"
Allow access to the internet for the new app
  • In the Package Explorer double-click on AndroidManifest.xml
  • In the middle part of the screen, use the Permissions tab (bottom)
  • Add Uses Permission and assign name android.permission.INTERNET
Download additional library:
  • Download json-simple-1.1.1.jar for instance from http://code.google.com/p/json-simple/downloads/list
  • Put it into your lib directory, for instance C:\blabla\workspace_android\AndroidAppOnHANABaseScenario\libs\json-simple-1.1.1.jar
  • Right-click on Package Explorer double click --> libs and Refresh: it should show up
Add code to show some data (see also http://www.mkyong.com/android/android-gridview-example/):
  • In the the Package Explorer double click --> src --> com.example.androidapponhanabasescenario --> ShowMarketPriceData.java
  • Add imports at the top:
    • import android.widget.TextView;
    • import android.os.AsyncTask;
    • import android.util.Base64;
    • import java.net.URL;
    • import java.net.URLConnection;
    • import java.io.BufferedReader;
    • import java.io.InputStreamReader;
  • In public class ShowMarketPriceData add the following code:
  • In method onCreate, just below setContentView(R.layout.activity_show_market_price_data);
ShowDialogAsyncTask aTask = new ShowDialogAsyncTask();
  • Also add this method and private class:
public String getOdata() {
String JASONrs = "You will get there!";
// some more code is to come here
return JASONrs;
private class ShowDialogAsyncTask extends AsyncTask<Void , Void , String>{
protected String doInBackground(Void... arg0) {
return getOdata();
protected void onPostExecute(String result) {
TextView tv = (TextView) findViewById(R.id.MyTextResponse);
Use overall Save, again select activity_show_market_price_data.xml and click Run as Android Application
Your Android or Android Emulator should bring up a screen that shows "You will get there!".
Congrats! For now, your done on the Android side!

Create a HANA XS app

Start your HANA Studio. Connect to your HANA (as described in the SCN link mentioned further up).
Create a new HANA workspace:
  • In the SAP HANA Development perspective in the SAP HANA Repositories window on the left, right-click and select "New repository workspace"
  • Select your HANA SYSTEM, put the name "CompareStockMarketData" and define the workspace root directory or leave it as defaulted
Create and share a project for SAP HANA XS:
  • In the SAP HANA Development perspective, in the Project Explorer on the left, right-click New --> Project and select SAP HANA Development --> XS Project, put name "androidapponhana", click Finish
  • In Project Explorer, right-click androidapponhana --> Team --> Share Project...
  • Select your SAP HANA System, select Workspace Name CompareStockMarketData, (leave Repository package empty for now) and click Finish
Add necessary minimum artifacts
  • Within project androidapponhana, Right-click --> JavaScript Resources --> androidapponhana and select New --> Other
    • In the upcoming Wizard select General --> File and click Next, put ".xsapp" as name and click Finish (it shall remain empty for our purposes)
  • Do the same thing again - let's call this proceeding XS artifact addition - and create file ".xsaccess"
    • In the Project Explorer double click on file .xsaccess and put the following content into it
: true,
: [ { "method" : "Basic" } ]
  • Perform XS artifact addition and create file "COMPARE_STOCK.hdbschema" and put the following content into it
  • Perform XS artifact addition and create file "PRICE_HISTORY.hdbtable" and put the following content into it
table.schemaName = "COMPARE_STOCK";
table.tableType = COLUMNSTORE;
table.columns = [
{name = "NSIN"; sqlType = SHORTTEXT; nullable = false; length = 12; },
{name = "DATE"; sqlType = DATE; nullable = false; },
{name = "TIME"; sqlType = TIME; nullable = false; },
{name = "DAY_OPEN"; sqlType = DECIMAL; nullable = false; precision = 8; scale = 3;},
{name = "DAY_HIGH"; sqlType = DECIMAL; nullable = false; precision = 8; scale = 3;},
{name = "DAY_LOW"; sqlType = DECIMAL; nullable = false; precision = 8; scale = 3;},
{name = "DAY_CLOSE"; sqlType = DECIMAL; nullable = false; precision = 8; scale = 3;},
{name = "VOLUME"; sqlType = INTEGER; nullable = false; }
table.primaryKey.pkcolumns = ["NSIN", "DATE", "TIME"];
  • Perform XS artifact addition and create file "StockDataIF.xsodata" and put the following content into it
service {
"androidapponhana::PRICE_HISTORY" as "History" ;
Click the overall Save button.
In Project Explorer, right-click androidapponhana --> Team --> Commit.
In Project Explorer, right-click androidapponhana --> Team --> Activate.
Now, grant privileges to your user and put some test data in:
  • Go to SAP HANA Studio, for instance to the Quicklaunch perspective, in the Navigator view on the left open an SQL COnsole
  • Type and execute (make sure to put your user instead of the placeholder):
  • Type and execute
    insert into "COMPARE_STOCK"."androidapponhana::PRICE_HISTORY" ( NSIN, DATE, TIME, DAY_OPEN, DAY_HIGH, DAY_LOW, DAY_CLOSE, VOLUME ) values ('000716460', '20130205', '130000', 60.19, 60.55, 59.91, 60.2, 2313291);
Now open a browser and test (put IP address and port/HANA instance number of your HANA server instead of the placeholders):
Congrats! This was the HANA XS stuff. Let's go back to the Adnroid side.

Calling the XS app from the Android App

Enhance Android Java code to show your HANA XS data:
  • In the the Package Explorer double click --> src --> com.example.androidapponhanabasescenario --> ShowMarketPriceData.java
  • In public class ShowMarketPriceData replace the line " // some more code is to come here" by:
try {
URL myhana = new URL(

URLConnection hanacon;
hanacon = myhana.openConnection();

String userpass = "SYSTEM" + ":" + "<your pw>";
String basicAuth = "Basic " + new String(Base64.encode(userpass.getBytes(), 0));
hanacon.setRequestProperty ("Authorization", basicAuth);

BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(hanacon.getInputStream()));
String inputLine;

while ((inputLine = in.readLine()) != null) JASONrs += inputLine;
} catch (Exception e) {
return "Error";
  • Make sure to replace user (for instance SYSTEM) and <your pw> (for instance manager).
  • Save and test your Android app. It shall return a lot of JSON text on your screen starting with the string "You will get there!".
    Congrats! That's it.
    Don't be shocked - it should look like this,
    but in my next Blog I will make it look a little bit nicer !

    Closing remarks and extension Scenarios

    Now, of course this is just a "Hellow World!" type of application. But it shows nicely what technology can be used.
    So far, I will leave it to the user to imagine a more appropriate way of putting user credentials. To reach a good security level for an App you should think of: SSL, do save user credentials on local device not at all or only encrypted (use OAUTH if you can) and save local data in a secure way.
    In the subsequent blogs on this topic I will make it look nicer and put more business sense to it. I decided to also create tutorials for some extension scenarios. These are very much built on top of the base scenario, but they make the app look more appealing and they show a lot more interesting technology.
    1. Android: Show HANA data in a gridview
    2. Android: Show HANA data as a graph
    3. Android: Use HTML5 to show data
    4. XS: Show data from a CalcView
    5. XS: Show data tweaked by SQLScript

    Created by Jan Teichmann
    For reference-http://scn.sap.com/blogs/jan_t/2013/02/16/how-to-create-an-android-app-on-sap-hana-one-in-7-steps

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    Ever since Imangi Studios launched the endless running game Temple Run for iOS and Android, it made sure that we never stopped running. The game has seen 4 versions since the original release in August 2011, with the sequel, Temple Run 2 launching earlier this year in January. The game has not just been appreciated, but went on to break the record of Angry Birds Space clocking in 50 million downloads in just 13 days.

    Of these 4 versions, two are spin-offs released in association  with Disney. While one was Temple Run: Brave, based on the animated Disney/Pixar movie Brave, the more recently launched Temple Run: Oz is inspired form the upcoming Disney movie Oz: The Great and Powerful. We started running in the new environments to find out if it continues to keep us just as addicted as the original game.

    Temple Run: Oz stays true to the game's tradition of non-stop running as well as turning, jumping and sliding to avoid hurdles and collecting coins. But since this version is based on Disney's movie, it incorporates a lot of elements such as new environments, objects and characters. You run as The Great and Powerful Oz down the mesmerising Yellow Brick Road in the Whimsical Woods and The Dark Forest.

    Now instead of the three demon monkeys or one big giant weird-faced monkey, you're being chased by three flying baboons at the start of the game and every once in a while when you stumble while running.

    The game is definitely more challenging than the original one but similar to Temple Run: Brave and the recently launched Temple Run 2 in some ways. It seems to have gotten faster as well, demanding greater focus and better reflexes. The obstacles in the game are quite tricky and catch you by surprise. They appear only when you approach them really close, unlike the earlier games where you could see them well in advance.

    Plants in the game often leap from locations on the side of the path, attempting to grab you as they fall. Trees also often fall, seemingly out of nowhere, into the path to block your way. But the obstacles are just one part. The path itself will sometimes crumble while you're on high bridges or cliffs, forcing you to make a split-second decision to move to the side of the bridge that remains intact.

    The musical backdrop of the beating drums has been replaced by the movie's background score that adds a lot of intensity and keeps the adrenaline rush going. As always, the graphics are really smooth and you'll be in awe of the surroundings and the attention to detail.

    Temple Run: Oz also has certain common elements as seen in the Brave version of the game. You could collect bows in the game to unlock different bonuses like extra score points and score multipliers at the end of each running session. Here the bow has been replaced by a musical key to unlock the music box for similar bonuses. Further, you can choose to open all the boxes in case you're feeling too greedy, by paying additional coins.

    A new element in the game as is the essence of the original Wizard of Oz movie is time travel with the tornado in a manner of speaking. While running you come across sign posts guiding you which direction to take and soon enough you'll see yourself transitioning between worlds with the yellow brick road collapsing before you and taking you to a different location.

    temple-run-oz-challenges-menu.jpgThe Whimsical Woods are set in bright environs but dangerous all the while with cliffs and forests. The Dark Forest is set in a graveyard amidst ruins of stones and gives a sense of evil lurking around. After each running session, if you happen complete that particular level's challenges, you level up and are awarded with gems or coins.

    Another pretty neat movie-inspired element is the hot-air ballon which appears at several points in the game for an additional opportunity to collect coins as you sail through the clouds and make your way across the crystals reminiscent of Emerald City.

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    temple-run-oz-bonus.jpgYou can opt for Weekly or Legendary Challenges from the Menu section that also award coins, gems and multiplier bonuses. These include challenges like Marathon Man (run a certain distance), Big Time (Get 125,000 points in 1 run), Steady Bankroll (Collect 25,000 coins) and many others.

    Overall, the game offers a fresh perspective in terms of being movie-inspired. Apart from that the basic mechanics of jumping, sliding and tilting remains the same. Currently, the app is only listed on the App Store and like other Temple Run games, we'd hope to see it launch for Android as well. (Update: The game has now been released for Android as well priced at Rs. 53.18 in the Google Play Store). 

    Even though the app isn't free, Rs. 55 ($0.99) seems pretty decent to try out something new. Those who still wouldn't mind skipping this version, can check out Temple Run 2 that's also new release and is available for free.
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    The Galaxy S 4 has what you'd expect from a new smartphone a bigger screen and a faster processor. But Samsung didn't want to stop there when it presented the successor to its hit Galaxy S III. It loaded the new phone with a grab-bag of features that don't come together as a pleasing whole. The new additions could confuse users.The Korean company revealed the S 4 for the first time Thursday at an event in New York, and provided reporters with some hands-on time with pre-production units. The final phones will be on sale in April to June period from Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile USA, US Cellular and Cricket, the company says. If history is any guide, even smaller phone companies will get it, if not right away. The phone companies will set the prices; expect this phone to start at $200 with a two-year contract.
    Samsung has competent engineers, and hardware-wise the S4 is a solid successor to the III. The screen is slightly larger, at 5 inches on the diagonal compared to 4.8 inches for the III and 4 inches for the iPhone 5. It sports a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, as much as you'd find on a high-definition TV set. This should mean that the resolution chase is over in the smartphone area: the eyes just can't discern any more pixels on these small screens. Competing top-line Android phones already have the same resolution, so Samsung isn't breaking new ground here.
    The bigger screen is crammed into a chassis that's actually a hair narrower and thinner than the S III's. This is quite a feat. Samsung shrank the frame surrounding the screen to make room. Shrinking other internal components allowed it to make the battery 20 percent larger than III's, but Samsung isn't saying whether that translates into longer battery life - the added battery power could be eaten up by software and hardware changes.
    The body is still dominated by softly molded plastic, and the S4 doesn't really advance the aesthetics of its predecessor the way competitors Apple, Sony and HTC have done with their latest phones. Apple and HTC, in particular, have put a lot of sweat into machining metal into jewel-like enclosures; Samsung doesn't seem to care all that much about looks.
    Samsung does care about trying to push the envelope on what the phone does, but it may have poked through the envelope, tearing a hole or two in it. It's probably not a disaster, because most of its features can be turned off, but first-time users could be confused.
    For one thing, Samsung is taking the whole "touch screen" thing further by now sensing when the user's finger is hovering over the screen. In other words, you don't even need to touch the phone to make it react. Hovering over a thumbnail of a picture in the Gallery will reveal a bigger thumbnail, and hovering over one email in a list will show a preview of its first lines.
    The idea is similar to the "mouse hover" feature on a PC, which sometimes reveals things before the mouse is clicked. Implementing it on a smartphone is trickier, though. On the PC, you have to use the mouse, so you'll discover the hover functions in the normal course of use. But since the feature is new in a smartphone and there's normally no reason to have your finger hovering over the screen, users are likely to discover this feature by chance. That wouldn't be so bad if all applications responded to hovering in a consistent manner, but very few applications react to it all. On the S4, the "Email" app will show previews, but the "Gmail" app won't. The built-in "Gallery" app will show picture previews, but other photo apps won't. I suspect users will get tired of trying to hover with their fingers and give up on the whole thing.
    The hovering feature also sets the phone up for another problem. In my testing, I found that the phone sometimes registered a close hover as a touch. In other words, the screen was overly sensitive, thinking I was touching it when I wasn't. This may be fixed by the time the phone is in production, but it's potentially an annoying issue.
    The S 4 tries to divine your intentions in two additional ways. It has an infra-red sensor that looks for hand movements up to about 4 inches away from the phone, and it uses the front-side camera to figure out if it's front of the user's face. Thanks to the IR sensor, the phone's browser responds to an "up swipe" in the air above it with by scrolling up, and to a "side" swipe by jumping to another tab. This could be pretty useful when the smartphone is the lunchtime companion and you don't want to grease it up with foody fingers, but again, the "air swipe to scroll" shows up in only a few applications.
    The camera is supposed to engage when you're watching a video, pausing playback if it thinks you're looking away. This didn't work in the preproduction unit I tested, but it's hard to imagine that this is a feature to die for.
    The list of user interface innovations goes on, but they don't amount to a coherent new way of interacting with the phone. Nor do they turn the phone into something that's intelligently aware of what goes on around it. It's more like Samsung is throwing a bunch of technologies into the phone to see what sticks. Sometimes, that's how progress works, but consumers might not appreciate being guinea pigs.
    The S4 presents an interesting contrast to the BlackBerry Z10, which is coming out in a few weeks. Research In Motion Ltd. jettisoned the old BlackBerry software and rebuilt it from the ground up. The phone's hardware isn't as impressive as Samsung's, but the software is easy to use, and it's based on a strong idea: taking the pain out of communicating across email, text messaging and social networks. The S4, unfortunately, doesn't have the same clarity of purpose.


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    Temple Run  2 for PC : Instructions and Download link

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    7. open temple run 2
    8. enjoy...:)



    En garde! Fruit meets fairytales in the juiciest game this year - Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots! The suave fruit-slashing swashbuckler, Puss in Boots, faces a challenge that would make Sensei proud. His search for the Magic Beans brings him to developer Halfbrick's legendary hit game Fruit Ninja. Prepare for a journey full of familiar and fruit slicing action he encounters a huge variety of new and exciting challenges!
    Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots features the all-new Bandito mode! Slice through a series of increasingly exciting challenges to become the greatest Fruit Ninja warrior ever! Each stage thrusts you into never-seen-before fruit frenzy adventure: Massive fruit from the Giant's castle, precision and timing challenges, all-out fruit onslaughts with new obstacles And for the first time EVER: Throw down against the most-requested addition in Fruit Ninja history - the tomato!
    Real Banditos must put their best blade forward because scoring is based on the number of fruit sliced, ninja reflexes and slicing efficiency. A true produce warrior can attain massive high scores and upload their best to Global Leaderboards to compare against friends and the best players online!
    Bring your blade to Desperado mode - an enhanced and re-mastered version of the Classic Fruit Ninja game that introduced 70 million players to the world's biggest dojo! But this time, you will face even more fruit, unique waves and Puss in Boots' elusive Magic Beans from the DreamWorks Animation feature film!
    Finally, bask in the fruit-stained glory of Puss in Boots' own exclusive ninja Stash, featuring a whole range of unique customizable content, including new backgrounds and blades with elements from both the film and Fruit Ninja.
    Stay juicy, amigos!



    • Based on DDLF1, but compatible with any version!
    • Totally Dark Jelly Bean themed.
    • Each and every icon fine tuned to look like Jelly Bean.
    • A new Jelly Bean task manager ( Recent apps list).
    • Added Swipe to clear notifications on Status Bar.
    • ROBOTO as system font.
    • A new, AWESOME JELLYBEAN status bar and notification panel.
    • New music app based on stock Touchwiz, but contains DSP equalizer support.
    • NEW LOCKSCREENS- Never miss a chance to show off your cool lockscreen.
    • OTA FEATURE added. Now users can automatically update the ROM from OTA upgrades, in the settings menu.
    • A TOTALLY REVAMPED SETTINGS MENU ,With the following new controls : Statusbar Control, Lockscreen Control, Sound Effect Control, and Quick Toggles Control...finally, your phone is truly yours!
    • New Jelly Bean Digital Clock, analogue clock, and Jelly Bean Search Bar.
    • New smarter JellyBean keyboard.
    • Extented power menu: Now those long processes are long no more!
    • Zero delay root access...try and see!
    • NEW KURO KERNEL, be it more power for gaming, or power saving mode for Deep Sleep, Kuro kernel takes care of your batteries in the best possible way.
    • Battery life megaboosted, last upto 2 days in power saving mode!
    • CPU control feature added....high performance or underclock...choice is yours!
    • CRT animation added in Lockscreen, and other Superfast Jellybean animations!!!! Set animation speed to fast under "Lock screen and Other Settings" and see the increase in speed! Go zoom zoom zoom!!!
    • Kernel is suitable for everyone: default settings (conservative + sio ) is battery saving, while bcm + cfq settings give power boost: Antutu score 2000+ without any extra tweaks!
    • Improved memory management.
    • Two awesome launcher choices: You get both HOLO LAUNCHER, and the STOCK Touchwiz launcher, which is Jelly Bean themed.
    • ICS themed Swype keyboard. (look under Troubleshooting to download)
    • Full Screen Caller Mode: Now see your friends in FULLSCREEN while calling them.
    • SONY BRAVIA ENGINE added...your pictures are clearer than before!!
    • MULTILANGUAGE: Cestina , Dansk, German, Dutch, English ( US, UK) , Spanish, Estonian, French, Gaeliege, Hravatski, Islenska, Italiano, Kazakh, Latviesu, Lietuviu, Macedonian, Magyar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Portuguese, Ronan , Slovencina, Srpski, Suomi, Svenska, Turkish, Thai, Greek, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew. For Arabic support, look in the "JellyBlast addons" section below. You can use the 13th Sept link.
    • Net speed tweaks: Increase your net speed.
    • Superfast Chrome browser included.
    • New superb bootanimation.
    • More cool addons available under "Jellyblast Addons" below!
    • Enjoy!!!!